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I don’t really use my tumblr, but when I do, I try to put some thought on what I write. Maybe today is the one thoughtless post I’ll ever post.

When I arrived at Duke, I was in love: in love with a girl, in love with my university, in love with my life, in love with everything happening. Then, the auspicious and sinister moves of life turned the cards in such a way that while I fell into the torrent, I was also drowning… Haha in other words, first semester ended and then I developed a cancer, a malign cancer that I never felt - a cancer in the heart.

That malign and compulsive concept became a powerful, unavoidable and toxic monster this academic tear that just ended. To the rhythm of Ho Hey I am … Wait. So like, nahh. Done.

Anyways, so here I am, may 21st, 2013, and still hurting… Es que si me lo digo en español: soy un gilipollas más que gilipollas! I don’t understand. Maybe it isn’t that I don’t understand because clearly I know what I am feeling, all I want is to find a way out of this.

The River

My life is a river; it has had so many water rises, droughts, hypoxia periods, cultural eutrophication experiences and just a flow that dumps its turbid waters into a big ocean full of opportunities and a blue batch for my piers. 

Definitely my winter break was one of those times when my river’s waters became clear, lively and pristine. My brother, Diego helped me realized that. He is 6 and enjoys talking about Spiderman and how much he loves me. Today we skyped. He said ‎”I go to your room and look under the bed to see if you’re still there, but you’re not and I miss you.” He was crying, and those tears, just like mine, are tributaries of a river, a river that ends somewhere near a big blue sea called Love. 

2012, you were a weird year. You showed me many things:

Life will only get tougher and tougher from now on. 

When you turn 20, you’ve truly entered a new phase in life.

People need you, you help them, then they dump you like a paper bag into the trashcan.

I have a powerful mind… Not intelligent, but powerful.

People do what I tell them to do because they respect me… haha

Chile is like the most amazing country in South America

I am extremely passionate about human rights issues and the sequels of a civil war or dictatorship

Duke is not what I thought it was… Yeah, I love Duke but I don’t want to be there anymore. Sad but true… Maybe I just need a break from it. 

I am weak and I am strong; I find my greatest strengths in a weaknesses and my greatest weaknesses in my strengths. 

I am on the verge of making a big turn that will change my life

I don’t really want to major in PoliSci… I’m not made for politics.

I would love to spend the rest of my life living and working in a small town in the Chilean, Peruvian, Argentinian or Bolivian Andes

2013 will only be tougher than 2012…

If I want to cry, only 1 or 2 people at Duke will help me

Duke’s sleeping pills don’t work. 

I suck at Statistics.

I’m dumber than what I thought.


May 2013 be a better year. So help me God.

This Week

This week I will be returning to the place where I was born. On Friday, I will take a step into the memories, the past, the good things I left behind. Every time I go back, it still feels like it’s August 4th, 2005, when I left my homeland. 

So much has happened since then. Some of those amazing people that made me who I am are not there anymore. Time has taken its toll, but the memory hasn’t. Memories are sweet and good. Memories are my strength. 

Understanding unworthiness.

I’ve had enough of everything: Enough of this place, enough of these people and above all enough about myself. I am excommunicating myself from social media, from the past, from my friends and from my foes. It’s better that way. Only keeping my tumblr. Goodbye Facebook. Farewell Twitter. 

Feliz día de la Independencia, Chile!
Extraño las empanadas, el pisco sour, la reineta frita, los cuchuflies, el pastel de choclo, la Plaza de Armas, y hasta el metro, en especial mi estación Parque O’Higgins. Santiago, ciudad bonita, te extraño tanto. Extraño el carrete en Bellavista po!  
Que viva Chile!
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Feliz día de la Independencia, Chile!

Extraño las empanadas, el pisco sour, la reineta frita, los cuchuflies, el pastel de choclo, la Plaza de Armas, y hasta el metro, en especial mi estación Parque O’Higgins. Santiago, ciudad bonita, te extraño tanto. Extraño el carrete en Bellavista po!  

Que viva Chile!

Tumblr, tumblr, tumblr…

I had forgotten about you.

Yeah, I’m in Downey, CA. Left Chile 174 hours ago. I miss it a lot: I miss the cold weather, the food, the amazing people, the freedom, the adventures, the stupid things, the wise things, the fun things. I miss everything about Chile.

Will go back next year no matter what.

Finding Life in a Cemetery

Today was not a typical day: I spent the day at the General Cemetery of Santiago.  You would say, “Well, of course Hector would spend the day at the cemetery! Haha”… Well, the thing is, I enjoy remembering and drowning myself in memories to reflect, learn from the past, take advantage of the present and assure a successful future.

Enough of me! I visited the cemetery because I wanted to offer a sincere and respectful salute to my host mom’s family and a few of the most emblematic figures of Chile: President Salvador Allende, 1951 Nobel Prize Laureate Gabriela Mistral and some others.

First of all, I went to a secluded area of the cemetery. Pretty much all gravestones were in German, English or Hebrew. This area of the cemetery was selected for “The Dissidents,” or all of the Protestants in Santiago. That is the area where I found my host mom’s family. Although I did not meet them, I felt some type of connection with them… Maybe it was the fact that I am Protestant like them? Or perhaps the fact that we share the same political beliefs? I don’t know. There’s no way I will ever know why I felt pleased to be there.

My trip continued as I decided to look for President Salvador Allende’s tomb. It took me about an hour to do so, but when I saw it, I had an immediate reaction. There I was, by the tomb of one of the most symbolic men for the cause of equality in Latin America. There I was, by the tomb of a man that was shamefully assassinated by the Chilean Armed Forces and the CIA, authorized by U.S. President Richard Nixon. There I was, by the tomb of a man whose words make me feel Chilean, “Trabajadores de mi Patria: Creo en Chile y su destino.” Shortly after those words emanated from Allende’s mouth, the presidential palace was bombarded. He died with humility, honor and patriotism. He died, and then Chile died along with him for the next 17 years.

To add more symbolism to my trip to the cemetery, I visited the 1951 Nobel Prize Laureate Gabriela Mistral. This eccentric, serious but wise woman became Chile’s first Nobel Prize receiver, followed by Pablo Neruda in 1971. Also, it is important to notice that she is the only woman to have received a Nobel Prize for Literature. For me, she is the “Iron Woman of World Literature.”

After that I looked for Victor Jara’s and Violeta Parra’s tombs but I wasn’t able to find them. Too bad. Despite of that, I am satisfied with my Saturday. One small thing I would like to share is a poem I wrote (in Spanish) as I sat next to Salvador Allende’s tomb.

“A Salvador,” July 21, 2012; Santiago de Chile

A Salvador:

Un amigo y compañero de destino americano.

A Salvador:

Emblema de razón, que aún perdido volverá a la vida.

El pueblo sufrido pidió al viento un fresco aliento para el futuro.

El corazón chileno latió al lado izquierdo, estremeciendo al mundo.

El enemigo empezó a batir el mar azul que se tornó obscuro.

Se apagó el volcán de esperanza por el invierno inmundo.

Y por medio de las gafas de equidad pasó la manta negra de dureza.

Sobre La Moneda voló Satán moliendo al pueblo y espolvoreándolo.

El inicuo Zorro rió al sentir que pudo menos la razón sobre la fuerza.

Se fue la poderosa luz, y llegó el tormento a Chile, masacrándolo.

A Salvador:

Tu fuiste el pastor de los que aman la simple alegría.

A Salvador:

Patriarca de todos los que por soñar, en tinieblas lloramos.


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